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438 pages of how to develop a lifestyle without salt and how to lower your sodium intake. 200 no-salt, low-sodium recipes as well as Chef Don's experiences with reversing his heart disease. Learn what is available and what we need to do to succeed.

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Living Well Without Salt was written by Donald Gazzaniga who created the first no-salt, lowest-sodium recipe books in the world, as well as the first Internet presence for a no-salt lifestyle in 1997. His years of experience with Megaheart.com is covered well in Living Well Without Salt. Gazzaniga has responded to more than 100,000 E-mails and letters since 1997. The positive responses visitors were having when using his 28-day meal planning guide and his recipes, inspired Gazzaniga to write this book, a guide to moving from a diagnosis of heart failure to one of heart recovery. Along the way, his books have helped those with Meniere's Syndrome, kidney diseases and even stomach cancer (caused ostensibly by salt). Like his own experience, many visitors have reversed their heart disease, hypertension and Meniere's patients have been able to control their dibilitating dizziness. Below is from the back cover of his new book, "Living Well Without Salt."

  • Reverse Heart Disease
  • Stop Meniere’s dizziness
  • Reduce or stop Migraine Headaches
  • Prevent or reverse hypertension
  • How to develop a no-salt lifestyle
  • Carb Choices rating for each recipe
  • Vegetarian rating for each recipe
  • Foreword by Dr. Michael B. Fowler
  • Introduction by professional chef Scott Leysath
  • Survival lessons learned by the author
  • Surviving your diagnosis
  • How to eat out in America
  • What & Where to buy low-sodium foods
  • 134 of Chef Don’s Best recipes
  • A glossary of terms, foods, nutrients and more
  • Internet support

"No human population has ever been offered salt as a public health measure, for the very good reason that we have no evidence that any human population needs it." — Dr. Trevor Beard, Salt Skip Program, Australia

"I work in a heart failure clinic. We have all of your books in our clinic. They are such a big help in showing patients that they can still eat the foods they like in a lower sodium version and improve their health. Thank you for all of your help." — Dawn M. Wicke, CHF Clinic, Patient care Partner

"Wow, stopped using salt and my Meniere’s dizziness is gone. So wonderful. Thank you." — Flip Manne, President L.A. Jazz Society, former Rockette, and wife of drummer Shelly Manne.
CHFAbout Chef Don

no sodium diet Donald Gazzaniga learned about cooking as a youngster when his mother first taught him how to make baked goods. His mother also taught his two brothers and two sisters how to cook. "She really started with me by aiming me at her pots and pans, and then the dinner dishes," he says with a grin. But Gazzaniga also prepared meals for well-known politicians, movie stars and his film crews. After his diagnosis of terminal heart failure he says he just naturally turned to solving his new challenge via his diet. It's not only worked for him, but for thousands of others.

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